Famous businessman ibrahim murat gündüz and his daughter on vacation

Turkish muaythai federation vice president and famous businessman Ibrahim Murat Gündüz, together with his daughter Hülya Duru Gündüz, took a vacation at Akana Hotels in Bodrum, one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers.

Father-daughter, who liked the hotel, service and food very much, recommended this hotel to everyone.

Famous businessman Ibrahim Murat Gündüz and his daughter stated that they would come again because they were very satisfied with the hotel.

İbrahim Murat Gündüz, the vice president of the Turkish Muay Thai federation, stated that he will organize sports camps at Akana Hotel, apart from the daytime holidays.

Top 4 things need to do for the long-lasting resin Driveways

Long-lasting resin driveways are much needed for every home because we have already invested so much amount on it and no one wants to compromise over its quality because of poor attention. Here in this blog I am going to mention few dos that need to do for long-lasting driveways. Take a help of experts if you are not getting exactly what to do.

Hosing Down

Resin-bound driveways are easy to maintain and to ensure it’s long-lasting we need to jet wash the resin surface. It keeps the driveways sustainable for a long-lasting time. No need for planning permission for this and lack of water build-up won’t allow moss or algae growing on the drive.


Resin-bound driveways require frequent sweeping and to remove dust and debris it is important. A stiff brush is perfect tool for sweeping. Resin driveways need not maintain much if it is being swept clearly. Weed growth can cause a reason for multiple problems. It makes the driveways surface smoother than it was before.

Annual Cleaning

Usually, we are so stuck in our busy routines and for this, we are unable to clean the driveways daily. Get the plans for annual cleaning under the supervision of experts. Make sure you have hired the best experts who take responsibility of maintaining your driveways for the long term and their offered services are actually the reason of not only sprucing up the pavement but to keep it last for a long time. Perfect Artificial Lawn is one of the best companies of Hertfordshire who have been offering annual cleaning services of driveways at cheaper rates.

Professional installation

We all need to pay attention to professional services and professional installation is incomplete without experts. This is a reason why I am emphasizing on professional installation because it keeps up the driveway for a long time. They don’t take shortcuts to finish the task by the time but make sure that everything is perfect. Right application program needs to be followed and it withstands with all types of weather if it is installed in the right manner.

These are things that can help us in achieving long-lasting resin driveways. Let me add one thing here about resin bound driveways in Hertfordshire which is installed by the experts and it actually lasts long.

5 décor ideas that will make your home ready for Christmas

We all know December is around the corner and all we need to do is to get done with home décor for Christmas. Here in this blog, I am going to share some home décor ideas that will make your place ready for the biggest festive season of the year. Make sure that you have already done with decorations a few days earlier to bring the true spirit of festivity in the home. What would you do and what essential things shouldn’t be avoided are explained in detail. Take a look

Christmas lighting

The festive season is incomplete without lighting and what we all need to do is to hang lighting in-home or in the garden to lit up space. Lighting will add spark in the entire home. Don’t forget to illuminate the windows, dormers, trim & doors as well as trees and shrubs for additional brightness.

Don’t skip the door decoration

When you are done with lighting then add some festivity cheer to the front door as well and decorate front doors as well as patio doors. The front door should give the true feel of holiday and make sure you have decorated in a promising manner to give a stand out appearance. If you are looking for latest installations of doors before the festive season then get the Front & Patio doors in Nottingham at a reasonable price which is already on sale.

Add candles for lighting

We all suggest you add candles for increasing the true ambience of Christmas. It will give a cosy impact so all you need to do is to place individual candles & make it more dramatic than anything else. Buy holiday-coloured candles to create a beautiful display to give stand out appearance to the home.

Decorate Christmas fireplace

We all know Christmas fireplace is the most important and give warmth feeling to everyone on Christmas parties. Light up the fireplace and consider the right arrangement to make your holiday a centre of attention of everyone.

Increase appearance with holiday indoor plants

Holiday indoor plants increase the appearance of your home so spruce up your home with red berries and other plants. You can add centrepiece for the decoration purposes. Add neutral-coloured pots and vases for display and bring little outdoor feeling indoor home.

These are the décor ideas that will give you an exciting feel for the holiday season. Don’t miss these points while decorating your place in Christmas holidays.

Why should we hire commercial cleaning company?

Commercial cleaning companies are the essential need of various commercial spectrum nowadays. There are so many reasons for hiring these companies not only for cleaning purpose but to keep the place well-organized. In this blog, we are going to explain the basic purpose of hiring commercial cleaning companies. How it can change the whole environment into a happy and cleaned place? Once there was a time when hiring such firms were considered as a luxury part of our household and commercial need but nowadays this is an essential need of everyone. Let’s have a look at the following points and how these services have made our lives easier by having customized cleaning services.

Improves the positive image of the place

 It doesn’t matter how much clients are already impressed by your products or services but to give a tidy and clean environment will promote a positive and cleaned image of your business. It won’t be impressive for people who are visiting your place, and they come across dust and debris on carpets and systems. If you want to create a positive image of your company, then get the services of these companies by keeping surrounding neat and clean.

Increase productivity

 Do you know productivity always grow in a clean environment? A well-organized and clean office will increase the amount of productivity. It will reduce the sick leave of your employees as well. They can work in a healthy and organized environment. Cleaning companies know how to make the place hygienic.


 It doesn’t matter you are a startup and you don’t have enough amount to bear the budget of cleaning companies. Plans are too affordable and increase the convenience of yours because there are so many things that need to manage in cleaning activity that can’t be done by you in after the hectic schedule of the day. So, get the services of cleaning company today. They would empty the trash bins, clean the bathroom and windows, organized desktops.

Affordable plans

 Many startups are afraid of spending a large budget over the cleaning that may force them to cut down the other expense. Trust me, cleaning companies charge a minimal amount for their services, and it won’t be overburden for the overall budget of the business. Plans are so affordable for a healthier environment. I was amazed to see the professional Commercial Window Cleaning in Dunmow offering in a few pounds for a whole month.

These are the some positive factors of hiring commercial window cleaners for your business space not only for healthier environment but to leave a good impact on visitors also.